Holy Archangels Monastery
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
House Springs, MO

Articles on the Faith
12 Questions from Inquirers
A Pocket Church History
A Prayer Rule - St. Theophan the Recluse
An Orthodox Catechism - Met. Hilarion Alfeyev
Commentary on the Creed - St. Cyril of Jerusalem
How Each of Us Can and Ought to Serve the Church
Marriage and asceticism - Fr. John Behr
Marriage as a Spiritual Path - Dr. Stephen Muse
On the Sign of the Cross
Orthodox Worship as a School of Theology
Our Path (popular presentation of Orthodox Christainty)
Our Worship (popular presentation of Orthodox Christainty)
Praying for All - Commentary on 1 Tim 2:1-4
Repentence & Confession
Rules of Confession
The Difference Between Orthodox Spirituality & other Traditions
The Home as a Little Church - Dr. David Ford
The Way into the Kingdom of Heaven
What is Most Important
Why are vigil lamps lit before icons?
Audio Resources - Talks and Prayers
“God Is There, Where the Understanding Does Not Reach” - Archimandrite Irenei Steenberg
Baptism of Infants - Bishop Michael
Church in worship - Храм - Russian
God's Revelation to the Human Heart - Fr. Seraphim Rose
Holiness - Святость - Russian
Jordanville Evening Prayers
Jordanville Morning Prayers
Living the Mystery - Fr Stephen Freeman
Love and Prayer - Dr. Harry Bossalis
Salvation - Спасение - Russian
The Good & Faith Parishioner - Rev. Alexander Atty
The Good & Faithful Parish - Rev. Alexander Atty
The Home as a Little Church - Dr. David Ford
The Laity in Church Worship - Sr. Vassa Larin
The Mystery of Mysteries - Fr Thomas Hopko
The Nativity of Christ - Bishop Michael
The Order for Preperation for Holy Communion
The Spiritual Life of Laymen and Monastics Part 1 - Arch. Athanasy Mastalski
The Spiritual Life of Laymen and Monastics Part 2 - Arch. Athanasy Mastalski
The Theotokos - Bishop Michael
Tradtion or Antiquity? - Fr. Vassilios Papavassiliou
Transforming Psychological States into Spiritual Ones- Dr. Christopher Veniamin
Trust in the Power and Love of God - Rev Alexander Atty
Why Be Orthodox in the 21st Century? - Fr. Vassilios Papavassiliou
Educational Videos

Confession:The Path to the renewal of the heart - Archmandrite Irenei

The Fountain of Immortality - Journey through the Litrurgy

The Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer

Orthodox Life in the City - Sister Vassa

Orthodox Spiritual Life: The Liturgy as our Life - Archimandrite Sergius

The Prayers of the Anaphora in Slavonic - Patriarch Kirill

Why Study the History of the Liturgy - Sister Vassa

Sister Vassa Larin .

Selected Gospel Commentaries- Blessed Theophylact
Sundays before Lent

Great Lent

Paschal Season

Sundays after Pentecost—Matthew Lectionary

Sundays after Pentecost—Luke Lectionary